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nausĕo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. n. nausea, be sea-sick.
I. Lit., Hor. Ep. 1, 1, 93: “si sine vomitu nauseavit,Cels. 1, 3.—
B. Transf., to be squeamish or qualmish, to vomit: “quidlibet, modo ne nauseet, faciat,Cic. Phil. 2, 34, 84: “ructantem et nauseantem Antonium,id. Fam. 12, 25, 4; Juv. 6, 433.—
II. Trop.
A. To belch forth, i. e. give vent to, utter nonsense: “ista effutientem nauseare,Cic. N. D. 1, 30, 84.—
B. To cause disgust: “hoc illis dictum est, qui stultitiā nauseant,Phaedr. 4, 7, 25.
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