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Pergămum , i, n.,
I.a city in Mysia, on the Caystrus, the residence of the Attalian kings, with a celebrated library, now Bergamo, Plin. 5, 30, 33, § 126; Liv. 29, 11; 37, 19; 20 al.—Hence,
A. Pergămēnus , a, um, adj., = Περγαμηνός, of or belonging to Pergamum in Mysia, Pergamean: “Pergamena civitas,Cic. Fl. 30, 64: “ager,Liv. 37, 21: “naves,Nep. Hann. 11, 5.—Pergamena charta, or as subst.: Pergămēna (collat. form Pergămīna , Not. Tir. p. 124), ae, f., parchment, a material for writing on, prepared from the skins of animals, invented by Eumenes, king of Pergamum, Isid. Orig. 6, 11; Hier. Ep. 7, n. 2; cf. Varr. ap. Plin. 13, 11, 21, § 70.—Pergămēna , ae, f., the country about Pergamum, Plin. 5, 30, 33, § 126.—In plur.: Pergămēni , ōrum, m., the inhabitants of Pergamum, the Pergameans, Cic. Fl. 30, 74.—
B. Pergămĕ-us , a, um, adj., of or belonging to the city of Pergamum, Pergamean (poet.): deus, i. e. Æsculapius (who was worshipped at Pergamum), Mart. 9, 17, 2.
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