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pervĭdĕo , vīdi, vīsum, 2, v. a., look over, look on, overlook, survey.
I. Lit.: “sol pervidet omnia,Ov. M. 14, 375.—
B. Transf., to look at or upon, to view: “cunctaque mens oculis pervidet illa suis,Ov. P. 1, 8, 34: “cum tua pervideas oculis mala lippus inunctis,Hor. S. 1, 3, 25.—
II. Trop.
A. To consider, examine: “pervideamus, utrum, etc.,Lucr. 1, 956: “videbo te et pervidebo,Cic. Att. 4, 12 fin. (B. and K. promonebo).—
B. To perceive, discern, Lucr. 2, 90 (for Cic. Att. 15, 4, 2; “v. 2. pervolo): meritorum meorum fieri accessionem pervidere te spero,Cic. Fam. 10, 9, 1: “infirmitatem animorum,id. Att. 12, 38, 2; Col. 2, 1, 5.—Hence, * per-vĭdens , entis, P. a., sagacious, intelligent: “pervidentissimus princeps,Front. Aquaed. 11 dub. (al. providentissimus).
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