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spīra , ae, f., = σπεῖρα.
I. That which is wound, wreathed, coiled, or twisted; a coil, fold, twist, spire (cf. orbis); “of a serpent,Verg. G. 2, 154; id. A. 2, 217; Ov. M. 3, 77.—Of the grain of wood, Plin. 16, 39, 76, § 198.—Of the intestines, Lact. Opif. Dei, 11, § 16.—
A. The base of a column, Vitr. 3, 3; 4, 1; Plin. 36, 23, 56, § 179.—
B. A kind of twisted cake, a twist, cracknel, Cato, R. R. 77.—
C. A coil of rope, Pac. ap. Fest. l. l.—
D. A braid of hair, Plin. 9, 35, 58, § 117; Val. Fl. 6, 396.—
E. A twisted tie for fastening the hat under the chin, Juv. 8, 208.—
F. A confused crowd of men, Enn. ap. Fest. l. l.
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