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or Eburācum (Ἐβόρακον). The modern York; a town of the Brigantes in Britain, which, having been made a Roman station by Agricola, became the chief Roman settlement in the island. It was both a municipium and a colony, and was the residence of the Roman emperors when they visited Britain. Here the emperors Septimius Severus and Constantius Chlorus died. Many Roman remains still exist at York, and in its vicinity are portions of Roman walls. A number of important inscriptions have also been found here, besides articles of glass, metal, and stone. The name Eboracum is the Latinized form of the British Caer-Evrauc. See Eutrop. viii. 19; Inscript. Orell. 190; Spart. Sever. 19; Aurel. Vict. De Caes. 20; and Raine, York (1893).

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