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O´CELUM (Ὄκελον, Ptol. 2.5.9).


A town of the Vettones in Lusitania, whose inhabitants are called by Pliny (4.22. s. 35) Ocelenses and Lancienses. Identified by some with Caliabria, by others with Fermoselle or Ciudad Rodrigo. (Ukert, vol. ii. pt. 1. p.431.)


A town of the Callaïci Lucenses in Gallaecia (Ptol. 2.6.23).


Ὀκέλον ἄκρον, Ptol. 2.3.6), a promontory on the NE. coast of Britannia Romana, and N. of the mouth of the river Abus or Humber; probably Spurn Head. [T.H.D]

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