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Πύργος, Her. Polyb.; Πύργοι, Strab., Steph. B. sub voce: Eth. Πυργίτης), the most southerly town of Triphylia in Elis, at the mouth of the river Neda, upon the Messenian frontier (Strab. viii. p.348), and hence described by Stephanus B. (s. v.) as a Messenian town. It was one of the settlements of the Minyae. (Hdt. 4.148.) It opened its gates to Philip in the Social War. (Plb. 4.77, 80.) , Leake places Pyrgi at some ancient remains upon the right bank of the Neda, not far from its mouth. (Morea, vol. i. p. 57, vol. ii. p. 207.)


A town in hollow Elis in a district named Perippia, which Polybius mentions in conjunction with Lasion. (Plb. 5.102; comp. Liv. 27.32.)

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