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Chomatia'nus, Deme'trius

a Graeco-Roman jurist and canonist, who probably lived in the early part of the 13th century. He was chartophylax and afterwards archbishop of Bulgaria, and wrote Quaestiones relating to ecclesiastical law, now in manuscript at Munich. (Heimbach, de Basil. Orig. p. 86.) This work is cited by Cujas. (Observ. 5.100.4.) Frellerus, in the Chronologia in the first volume of the Jus Graeco-Romanum of Leunclavius, under the year 913, enumerates him among the commentators upon the Basilica, but that he was so is denied by Bocking. (Institutionem, i. p. 108, n. 48.) It should be added, that Böcking (l.c.), apparently with good reason, in like manner refuses the character of scholiast on the Basilica to Bestes and Joannes Briennius [BRIENNIUS], though they are named as scholiasts in almost every modern work on Graeco-Roman law.


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