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3. Praefectus Praetorio Galliarum under Gratian, A. D. 383. His prefecture extended over all the provinces (Gaul, Spain, and Britain) which remained under the immediate government of Gratian [GRATIANUS, AUGUSTUS]. When Ithacius was obliged, by the persecution of Priscillian and his party, to flee from Spain, he went to Gregory, who, after inquiring into the matter, caused the authors of the disturbance, apparently Priscillian and the other leaders of his party, to be arrested, and sent an account of the affair to the emperor; but his purpose of rigour was rendered unavailing by the venality of the emperor's other ministers, whom the Priscillianists had corrupted. It is doubtful whether this person is or is not the same person as No. 2. The pseudo Flavius Dexter identifies this Gregory with Gregorius of Baetica [GREGORIUS, Literary, No. 9]. (Sulp. Sever. Hist. Sacra. 2.63. ed. Hornii; and editor's note in loco; Flav. Dex. Omnimodae Hist. ad ann. 388, 423; Tillemont, Hist. des Emp. vol. v. pp. 171, 722.)

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