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*(Hge/loxos), an Athenian tragic actor, who incurred the ridicule of the comic poets, Plato, Strattis, Sannynon, and Aristophanes, by his pronunciation of the line of Euripides (Eur. Orest. 269)--
Ἐκ κυμάτων γὰρ αὖθις αὖ γαλήν᾽ ὁρῶ

The scholiasts tell us that the sudden failure of the actor's voice prevented him from indicating properly the synaloepha, and that thus he altered γαλήν᾽, a calm, into γαλῆν, a weasel. The incident furnishes a proof that elided vowels were not completely dropped in pronunciation. (Aristoph. Frogs 304; Schol. in loc.; Schol. in Eurip. Orest. 269.)


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