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*(Hgh/sandros), a Greek writer, and a citizen of Delphi. Besides an historical work. called "Commentaries" (ὑπομνήματα), which consisted of at least six books (see Athen. 4.162a), and seems to have been of a somewhat discursive character, he wrote a work on statues (ὑπόμνημα ἀνδριάντων καὶ ἀγαλμάτων). The period at which he flourished is not known, but he cannot have been more ancient than the reign of Antigonus Gonatas, which is mentioned by him (Athen. 9.400d.), and which extended from 283 to 239 B. C. (Athen. i. pp. 18, a. 19, d. ii. pp. 44, 100.51, f. iii. pp. 83, a. 87, b. 107, e. 108, a. iv. pp. 132, 100.167, e. 174, a. v. p. 210b. vi. pp. 229, a. 248, e. 249, e. 250, e. 260, b. vii. pp. 289, f. 325, c. viii. pp. 334, e. 337, f. 343, e. 344, a. 365, d. x. pp. 419, d. 431, d. 432, b. 444 d. xi. pp. 477, e. 479, d. 507, a. xii. p. 544c, d. xiii. pp. 564, a. 572, d. 592, b. xiv. pp. 621, a. 652, f. 656, c.; Suid. s. v. Ἁλκυονίδες ἡμέραι.)


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