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Laetus, Q. Aemi'lius

was praefect of the praetorium under Commodus, and one of the chief agents in his assassination. [COMMODUS; ECLECTUS; MARCIA.] By Laetus and his associate Eclectus the vacant throne was offered to Pertinax, and Laetus was the first to incite the guards to rebel against the new prince, and to proclaim Sosius Falco, the consul, emperor in his place. At length the turbulent career of this adventurer was brought to a close by Julianus, who put him to death on the suspicion that he was favourable to the claims of Severus. (D. C. 72.19, 22, 73.1, 6, 8, 9; Herodian. i, 16, 17, 2.1, 2; Lamprid. Commod. 15, 17; Capitolin. Perlin. 5, 6; Spartian. Julian. 6, Sept. Sever. 4.)


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