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a Roman senator, who made himself conspicuous by the boldness of his patriotism and political principles, at a time when the Roman senate was renowned for its servility. In A. D. 408, the Gothic king Alaric offered his services to the emperor Honorius, on condition of receiving in reward several provinces, and an annual tribute of 4000 pieces of gold. Stilicho, who had been carrying on intrigues with Alaric, to the disadvantage of Rome, proposed in the senate to accept those conditions, since the troubles by which Gaul was then shaken could not be quelled without the aid of the Goths. But Lampadius boldly rose, and, using the words of Cicero, " Non est ista pax, sed pactio servitutis !" violently opposed the conclusion of such a degrading convention. The motion of Stilicho was nevertheless carried by the timid senate, and Lampadius was compelled to take sanctuary in a church. Lampadius had a brother, Theodorus, who is likewise favourably spoken of. (Zosim. pp. 335, 336, ed. Oxford, 1679.)


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