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3. A son of Plutarch.


List of Plutarch's Works

According to Suidas (s. v. Λαμπρίας), he made a list of all his father's works. This list is still extant.

This list, though it is preceded by a letter in which the author calls himself a son of Plutarch, call scarcely be the production of so near a relation and contemporary of Plutarch, for it contains works which are acknowledged by all to have been written many centuries later, perhaps not long before the time of Suidas. It is, however, not impossible that the titles of these spurious works may have been introduced by a later hand, and that the groundwork may really be the work of Lamprias, a son of Plutarch.


This was first published by D. Hoeschelius, from a Florentine MS., and afterwards reprinted in the Frankfort edition of Plutarch's works. It is also printed in Fabricius, Bibl. Graec. vol. v. p. 159, &c., with some additions and alterations from a Venetian MS.

Further Information

Comp. A. Schäfer, Comment. de Libro Vit. Decem Orator. p. 2, &c.

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