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Q. 1 زَخْرَفَةٌ ذ signifies The adorning, ornamenting, decorating, or embellishing, of a thing, (KL, and Har p. 3,) primarily, with زُخْرُف, i. e. gold: (Har ib.:) and hence, (Har,) the adorning, &c., of falsehood, or a lie: (KL, Har:) and the falsifying or adulterating [of speech &c.]. (KL.) You say, زَخْرَفَ البَيْتَ, inf. n. زَخْرَفَةٌ, He adorned, ornamented, decorated, or embellished, the house, or chamber, &c.; and rendered it complete: and زُخْرِفَ is said of anything as meaning It was adorned, ornamented, decorated, or embellished. (TA.) And زَخْرَفَ الكَلَامَ He arranged, or rightly disposed, or put into a right or proper state, the speech, or language: (TA:) and i. q. رَقَّشَهُ [i. e. he embellished it; generally meaning, with lies]. (S, A, K, in art. رقش.) [This verb is mentioned and explained by Freytag as on the authority of the K, in which it is not found in this art.] Q. 2 تَزَخْرَفَ ذ He (a man) adorned, ornamented, decorated, or embellished, himself. (TA.) زُخْرُفٌ ذ Gold: (Fr, S, M, K:) so in the Kur xvii. 95: and this, accord. to ISd, is the primary meaning. (TA.) ― -b2- Then applied to Any orna- ment, decoration, or embellishment: (ISd, TA:) anything adorned, ornamented, decorated, or embellished: (Ham p. 784:) and particularly applied to the decorations, and pictured works, in gold, with which the Kaabeh was ornamented in Pagan times. (TA.) The colours of the plants or herbage, of land, (K, TA,) red and yellow and white: its ornature, consisting in blossoms and flowers: or its perfection: so in the Kur x. 25. (TA.) And The furniture, or utensils, of a house or tent. (TA.) ― -b3- Anything varnished, or embellished with a false colouring, or falsified, is likened thereto [and so termed]. (S, TA.) [Hence,] زُخْرُفُ القَوْلِ The ornature of speech; (TA;) the fair appearance, or comeliness, of speech, produced by the embellishing with lies: (K, TA:) so in the Kur vi. 112: (TA:) or it there means varnished falsehoods. (Bd.) ― -b4- [Its pl.] زَخَارِفُ signifies The lines, or streaks, [that are seen on the surface] of water. (S, K.) ― -b5- And Ships: (T, K:) or ornamented, or decorated, ships: (M, TA:) or the ornature of ships, with which they are decorated. ('Eyn, TA.) ― -b6- Also Certain insects that fly upon the water, (T, O, K,) having four legs, resembling the common fly; (O, K;) small flies, having four legs, that fly upon the water: (M, TA:) the sing., زُخْرُفٌ, is expl. by Kr [in the Munjid] as meaning a kind of flying thing. (TA.) مُزَخْرَفٌ ذ Adorned, ornamented, decorated, or embellished: (S, TA:) [&c.: see the verb.]

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