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For City Council.Charter Election --Wednesday, April 3rd, 1861, --The following gentlemen are presented to the voters of Madison Ward: for Councilmen. P. R. Grattan, D. J. Burr, Thos. H. Wynne, James A. Scott, George K. Crutchfield. mh 27--tde for Aldermen. James K. Caskie, R. M. Burton, J. J. Binford, James Bray, W. B. Smith. Richmond.
Charter election Wednesday,April 3RD, 1861.--The following gentlemen are presented to the voters of Madison Ward: for Councilmen. P. R. Grattan. D. J. Burr, Thos. H. Wynne, James A, Scott, George K. Critchfield. for Aldermen. James K. Caskie, R. M. Burton, J. J. Binford, James Bray, W. B. Smith, mh27 — tde Richmond.
Councilmen and Aldermen. Jefferson Ward.--Councilmen: N. B. Hill. 550; R. O. Haskins, 545; Jno. H. Greanor, 521; A. Y. Stokes, 388. Aldermen: Wm. Taylor, 533; C. B. Hill, 574; R. D. Sanxay, 573; G. E. Sadler, 548; A. F. Picot, 462; J. M. Higgins, 382; E. A. J. Clopton, 309; N. M. Lee, 263; G. W. Allen, 295; Jno. Hagan, 161; T. J. Starke, 262. Madison Ward.--Councilmen: George K. Crutchfield, 850; James A. Scott, 832; D. J. Burr, 790; P. R. Grattan, 752; Thomas H. Wynne, 573. Aldermen: R. M. Burton, 1,082; J. J. Binford, 1,065; James Bray, 1,049; Jas. K. Caskie, 1,019; W. B. Smith, 631. Monroe Ward.--Councilmen: D. J. Saunders, 896; L. W. Glazebrook, 863; S. D. Denton, 731; Fleming Griffin, 729; Thomas G. Epps, 690. Aldermen: all of the old officers are elected.
Gauger, Richard Fox; Grain Measurer, H. Davis; Manager Poor-House, John Pearce; Captain Night Watch, A. Wilkinson. Also, the following persons as members respectively of the Council and Court: Jefferson Ward — Council: N. R. Hill, R. O. Haskins, John H. Greanor, Jas. M. Talbott, Allen Y. Stokes. Aldermen: C. B. Hill, Richard D. Sanxay, Geo. E. Sadler, A. F. Picot. Madison Ward — Council: G. K. Crutchfield, J. A. Scott, T. H. Wynne, D. J. Burr. P. R. Grattan. Aldermen: Jas. K Caskie, Jas Bray, John J. Binford. Wm. B. Smith, R. M. Burton. Monroe Ward — Council: D. J. Saunders, T. C. Epps, Fleming Griffin, S. D. Denoon, Larkin W. Glazebrook. Aldermen: N. C. Lipscombe, Chas. E. Anderson, John F. Regnault, J. W. Beveridge, Wm. W. Timberlake. The following is the concluding part of the report: "In the returns from Jefferson Ward, as made by the conductors of election, Mr. Wm. Taylor is reported as elected one of the Alderman from that Ward, he having receive<
Sworn in. --The members of the new Court of Hustings assembled in the Sergeant's room, at the City Hall, yesterday evening, for the purpose of organizing. Joseph Mayo was chosen Chairman, and John F. Regnault, Secretary. The members were then sworn in by the Mayor. (Some ardent secessionists winced when asked to support the Constitution of the United States as well as that of Virginia.) On motion of Geo. E. Sadler, Jas. K. Caskie was re-elected Recorder; and on motion of R. M. Burton, Richard D. Sanxay was re-elected Senior Alderman. The Mayor was sworn in by Alderman Binford, and the meeting adjourned.
Robbery. --The laundry on the premises of James K. Caskie, Esq., was robbed last Friday night of several articles of wearing apparel. It is evident that the city is invested by a gang of thieves, who are operating with a view to lay in winter supplies, or to furnish certain dealers in second-hand goods with stock. The latter view is the most probable.
ng money from James Evans, a free negro.--There were reasons which rendered it improper for him (the Mayor) to sit in this case. It had been a theme of discussion in the public journals, and he had heard, besides, that Hagan said be dare not imprison him for any cause. The record of the Court would vindicate him from any charge of partiality in the administration of justice, but there were reasons which forbade him to sit in the case now pending. He then called upon the Recorder, James K. Caskie, who, after disposing of some objections from the counsel for the defence, on the score of relationship, by saying that he should try this remarkable case without fear, favor, or affection, proceeded to call the witnesses. It was found, however, that only one or two were in attendance. The Recorder.--I shall continue this case until Tuesday next at 12 o'clock, and require the defendant to give security in the sum of $500 for his appearance. Bernard Hagan entered into a recogn
Hustings Court, February 12th. --Present — James K. Caskie, Recorder; Richard D. Sanxay, James Bray, Wm. W. Timberlake, John W. Beveridge. Wm. B. Smith, and George N. Gwathmey, Aldermen. Nat, a slave, owned by Caroline Garnett, and John W. Butcher, a free negro, were tried for maliciously cutting, stabbing, and wounding, on the 2d of February, Fleming, a slave, the property of Wm. J. Eppes. John W. Butcher was declared not guilty, and Nat being found guilty, was ordered 39 lashes. John Harper and John Williams were examined for committing a felony, on the 20th December last, by stealing from the Columbian Hotel a trunk, containing a lot of wearing apparel, belonging to Richard A. Cox, worth $42. The prisoners were remanded for trial before Judge Lyons. Austin Connelly and John T. Smith were examined for feloniously, and by force and violence, and by putting one Frederick J. Gardner in bodily fear, on the 7th of February, stealing, and carrying away from his perso
se: Jno Pearce223322364 Captain Night Watch: J. B. Pleasants13180153 L. M. Carter6295107 Richard Reins21148109 L. M. Jude13511 A. Jenkins00001 Jefferson Ward.--Hustings Court--A. F. Picot 210, Wm. Taylor 216, N. M. Lee 186, E. A. J. Clopton 214, Richard D. Sanxay 214; scattering 32. Council — R. O. Haskins 214, N. B. Hill 212, James M. Talbott 218, W. H. Richardson 166, A. Y. Stokes 164, R. J. Christian 91, J. H. Greanor 19, Luther Libby 5. Madison Ward.--Hustings Court--James K. Caskie 302, James Bray 319, Geo. N. Gwathmey 317, Wm, B. Smith 203, John Purcell 216, Samuel S. Cottrell 103, J. E. Burress 98. Council — D. J. Burr 313, Geo. K. Crutchfield 317, P. R. Grattan 311, J. A. Scott 315, Thomas H. Wynne 305, scattering 10. Monroe Ward.--Hustings Court--N. C. Lipscomb 366, W. W. Timberlake 362, J. F. Regnault 362, C. E. Anderson 364, J. W. Beveridge 360. Council — D. J. Saunders 359, S D. Denoon 352, L. W. Glazebrook 364, Thos. C. Epps 359, W. C. Allen 1. <
mond, selling liquor; Henry Fitzgerald, Arkansas disloyalty; Henry Frischkorn, Richmond, selling liquor; William Williams, Richmond, disloyalty. Committed on the 7th March.--B. Davis, Henrico, disloyalty; James King, Richmond, disloyalty; James Manville, Delaware,--Tobias Pearsall, Richmond, selling liquor; Patrick Sherry, for interfering with the arrest of a prisoner; George Warren, Richmond, selling liquor; H. L. Wigand, Richmond, treason. Committed on the 9th March.--Henry Wolf, Caskie's Rangers, deserting. Committed on the 10th March.--S. P. Carusi, Washington, --A. J. Lavelle, Crutchfield Artillery, deserting; F. J. Tappey, guard, drunk while on duty; Chas. Williams, Fredericksburg, treasonable language. Committed on the 11th March.--Captain James E. Leonard, New York city,--; Philip Helfrick, Richmond, giving away liquor; H. L. Pelouze, Richmond, disloyalty; William R Read, King George,--. Committed on the 12th March.--Thos. Case, Richmond, treason; Franc
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