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January 26th, 1830 AD (search for this): chapter 6
the citizens of the Southern States, and the evidence of supreme power exercised only to wound their pride. It was not right or patriotic, as he claimed, to insist on an unnecessary restriction which was obnoxious and disagreeable to the South, and regarded by its people as derogatory to their equality as members of the Union. Webster's Works, vol. v. pp. 350-352, 381-385, 421; vol. VI. pp. 568-573. See contrary doctrine as to the Northwestern territory, in his speech in the Senate Jan. 26, 1830, vol. III. p. 278. He shut his eyes to the historical fact that slavery has existed under all physical conditions; and that it was the duty of the national government, carrying out the policy of the Ordinance of 1787, not to weigh chances, but to exclude by positive law the possibility of its becoming an institution of new States. The territorial legislature of New Mexico in 1859 established slavery. Von Holst, vol. III. p. 500, note. Not content with assumptions and with votes ag
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