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BOUCHETION (Rogous) S Epeiros, Greece.

On the Louros river. Founded by Bouchetos (FHG 3. 153, Mnaseas fr. 25), later a colony of Elis (D.7.32) near the coast (Strab. 7.7.5). The river is navigable up to this point and curves round a steep limestone hill, fortified by an inner circuit wall, ca. 800 m long and an outer circuit wall ca. 1300 m long. Pottery from the mid 6th c. onwards has been found, and there are three stages of fortification. This city controlled the main route from inland Epeiros to the W part of the Gulf of Arta and enabled the Eleans to hold the peninsula of Preveza, rich in pasture, fisheries, and olives.


N.G.L. Hammond in Ἀφιέρωμα εἰς τὴν Ἤπειρον (1954) 26ff; id., Epirus (1967) 57f, 475, and 481fPI.


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