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in-dormĭo , īvi, ītum, 4, v. n., sleep or fall asleep at, on, or over a thing; constr. with dat., with in, or with abl. (class. only in the trop. signif.).
B. Transf., to be asleep, i. e. to be numb, torpid, of a limb, Veg. Vet. 3, 23, 15; 5, 46, 2. —
II. Trop., to go to sleep over a thing, i. e. to do it negligently, be careless about.
(β). With dat.: “tantae causae,id. Phil. 2, 12, 30: “longae desidiae,Plin. Ep. 1, 2, 3: “malis,heedless, regardless of, Curt. 6, 10, 6.
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