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prō-pendeo , di, sum, 2 (in Plaut. As. 2, 2, 39, the correct reading is propendes), v. n., hang forth or forward, hang down.
II. Trop.
A. (The figure borrowed from the descending scale of a balance.) To weigh more, haec the preponderance: “nec dependes nec propendes,weighest neither less nor more, Plaut. As. 2, 2, 39: “si bona propendent,Cic. Tuse. 5, 31, 86.—
B. To be inclined or disposed to any thing: “si suā sponte quo impellimus, inclinant atque propendent,Cic. de Or. 2, 44, 18.—
C. To be well disposed, favorable: “inclinatione voluntatis propendere in aliquem,Cic. de Or. 2, 29, 129.—Hence, prō-pensus , a, um, P. a.
A. Lit., hanging down (post-class.): “propensum labrum,Sol. 20: “propenso sesquipede,Pers. 1, 57 dub. —
2. Transf., = magno pene praeditus (post-class.), Capitol. Gord. 19.—
B. Trop.
1. Inclining towards, coming near, approaching (class.); with ad: “disputatio ad veritatis similitudinem propensior,Cic. N. D. 3, 40, 94: “ad veritatem,id. Div. 1, 5, 9. —
2. Heavy, weighty, important (class.): “illa de meā pecuniā ramenta fiat plumea propensior,Plaut. Bacch. 3, 4, 15: “id fit propensius,more weighty, important, Cic. Par. 3, 2, 24.—
3. Inclined, disposed, prone to any thing (syn. proclivis); usually constr. with ad or in and acc.; rarely with dat.
(γ). With dat.: “in divisione regni propensior fuisse Alexandro videbatur,more disposed to favor Alexander, Just. 16, 1, 2 (al. pro Alexandro).—
(δ). Absol., well-disposed, favorable, willing, ready (class.): “propenso animo aliquid facere,Cic. Att. 13, 21, 7; Liv. 37, 54: “propensum favorem petiit,Ov. M. 14, 706.—Sup.: propensissimā civitatum voluntate, Auct. B. Alex. 26.—Hence, adv.: prōpensē , willingly, readily, with inclination (class.): conspiratio propense facta, Lentulus ap. Cic. Fam. 12, 15, 3.—Comp.: “propensius senatum facturum,Liv. 37, 52: “eoque propensius laudandus est,App. Flor. p. 98 Oud.
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