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Pĕtēlĭa (also Pĕtīlĭa and Pĕtellĭa ), ae, f., = Πετηλία
I. A very ancient town in the Bruttian territory, north of Croton, colonized by Lucanians, near the mod. Strongoli, Liv. 23, 30; Verg. A. 3, 402; Mel. 2, 4, 8; Plin. 3, 10, 15, § 96.—Hence,
B. Pĕtēlī-nus (Pĕtellīn- ), a, um, adj., Petelian: “Petelinus lucus, near Rome,Liv. 6, 20: “Petelina fides,Val. Max. 6, 6 fin.—Subst.: Pĕtēlīni , ōrum, m., the inhabitants of Petelia, the Petelians, Inscr. Orell. 3678.—
II. A city on the western coast of Lucania, between Paestum and Velia, Val. Max. 9, 8, ext. 1.—Hence,
B.Pĕtēlīni , ōrum, m., the Petelians, Inscr. Orell. 137; 3939.
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