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Secundus, P. Pomponius


A distinguished Roman poet, who lived in the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, and Claudius. He was one of the friends of Seianus, and on the fall of that minister in A.D. 31, was thrown into prison, where he remained till the accession of Caligula in 37, by whom he was released. He was consul in 41, and in the reign of Claudius commanded in Germany, when he defeated the Chatti (Tac. Ann. v. 8; xi. 13; xii. 28). Secundus was an intimate friend of the elder Pliny , who wrote his life in two books (Quint.x. 1, 98). His tragedies were the most celebrated of his literary compositions.


Iulius, a Roman orator, and a friend of Quintilian, is one of the speakers in the Dialogus de Oratoribus of Tacitus.

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