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A powerful Keltic people in Gallia Narbonensis, divided into the two tribes of the Volcae Tectosages and Volcae Arecomici, extending from the Pyrenees and the frontiers of Aquitania along the coast as far as the Rhône. They lived under their own laws, without being subject to the Roman governor of the province, and they also possessed the ius Latii. The Tectosages inhabited the western part of the country from the Pyrenees as far as Narbo, and the Arecomici the eastern part from Narbo to the Rhône, and even beyond the Rhône (Liv.xxi. 26; Strab. p. 203). The chief town of the Tectosages was Tolosa. A portion of the Tectosages left their native country under Brennus, and were one of the three great tribes into which the Galatians in Asia Minor were divided. See Galatia.

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