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CAE´CUBUS AGER (Καίκουβος, Strab.), a district of Latium bordering on the Gulf of Amyclae, and included apparently in the territory of Fundi. The name seems to have been given to the marshy tract between Tarracina and Speluncae (Sperlonga), which extends about 8 miles along the coast, and 6 miles inland. Contrary to all analogy, these low and marshy grounds produced a wine of the most excellent quality, the praises of which are repeatedly sung by Ho.ace, who appears to regard it as holding the first place among all the wines of his day; and this is confirmed by Pliny, who however tells us that in his time it had lost its ancient celebrity, partly from the neglect of the cultivators, partly from some works which had drained the marshes. But Martial speaks of it as still enjoying some reputation. (Hor. Carm. 1.20. 9, 2.14, 25; Plin. Nat. 14.6. s. 8; Strab. v. p.234; Mart. 12.17. 6, 13.115; Coluin. R.R; 3.8.5; Dioscor. 5.10, 11; Athen. 1.27.) Strabo speaks of τὸ Καίκουβον as if it were a place, but it seems certain that there never was a town of the name.


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