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REGIS VILLA (Ῥηγισούιλλα, Strab.), a place on the coast of Etruria, which, according to Strabo, derived its name from its having been the residence of the Pelasgic king or chief Maleas, who ruled over the neighbouring Pelasgi in this part of Etruria. (Strab. v. p.225.) None of the other geographers mentions the locality; but Strabo places it between Cosa and Graviscae; and it is therefore in all probability the same place which is called in the Maritime Itinerary REGAE, and is placed 3 miles S. of the river Armenta (Fiora) and 12 miles from Graviscae. (Itin. Marit. p. 499.) The site is now marked only by some projecting rocks called Le Murelle. (Dennis's Etruria, vol. i. p. 398; Westphal, Ann. d. Inst. 1830, p. 30.)


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