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SHAALABBIN (Σαλαμίν, LXX.), a city of the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19.42) joined with Ajalon (Ἱααλών), and mentioned in the LXX. (not in the Hebrew) as one of the cities in which the Amorites continued to dwell, after the occupation of Canaan by the Israelites (19.48). This last fact identifies it with the Shaalbim (LXX. Θαλαβίν) of the book of Judges (1.35), which is also joined with Aijalon, and of which the same fact is related. It is there placed in Mount Heres. Eusebius mentions a village named Salaba (Σαλαβά), in the borders of Sebaste (Onomast. s. v.), which could not be in Dan: but S. Jerome (Comment. is Ezech. xlviii.) mentions three towns in the tribe of Dan, Ailon, Selebi and Emaus. It is joined with Makaz and Beth-shemesh in 1 Kings 4.9, which also indicates a situation in or near the plain of Sharon. In Mr. Smith's list of places in the district of Ramleh, is a village named Selbît, containing all the radicals of the Scripture name, and probably identical with Selebi of Josephus, as the modern Yalo is with Ajalon and ‘Amwâs with Emmaus. Its place is not definitely fixed. (Robinson, Bibl. Res. vol. 3.2nd appendix, p. 120.)


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