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Among the spurious gospels which were produced in the early ages of the Church, was one to which some of the Gnostic sects appealed (Epiphan. Haeres. 26.13), and which they ascribed to Philip, whether to the Apostle Philip or the deacon Philip, who in one passage in the New Testament (Acts, 21.8) is called the Evangelist, is not clear. A passage from this apocryphal gospel is cited by Epiphanius (ibid.) Timotheus, the presbyter of Constantinople (apud Meursium, Varia Divina, p. 117), and Leontius of Byzantium (De Sectis, act. s. lect. iii.) mention Τὸ κατὰ Φίλιππον Εὐαγγέλιον, Evangelium secundnum Philippum, as among the spurious books used by the Manichaeans. Whether this was the same book with that used by the Gnostics, is not determined.

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Fabric. Cod. Apocryph. N. T. vol. i. p. 376, &c.

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