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*Timo/stratos), a comic poet, of unknown time, the author of four dramas, Ἄσωτος, Πάν, Παρακαταθήκη, and Φιλοδεσπότης, of which we have scarcely any remnants, beyond the titles. (Antiatt. pp. 80. 12, 81. 1, 89. 23, 91. 1, 98. 4; Phot. Lex. s. v. χάγρα.) He is mentioned by Photius among the poets quoted by Stobaeus (Bibl. Cod. 167, p. 374); but no references to him are found in our present copies of Stobaeus. It is probable also that the name of a poet Δημόστρατος, whose Δημοποίητος is quoted by Suidas (s. c. χάραξ) is an error for Τιμόστρατος. (Meineke, Frag. Com. Graec. vol. i. pp. 499, 500, vol. iv. pp. 595, 596; Editio Minor, p. 1184.)


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