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3. A very distinguished flute-player of Thebes, concerning whom a few particulars are mentioned in Lucian's dialogue Harmonides, in which Timotheus is introduced as discoursing to his disciple Harmonides concerning the means of obtaining success in his art. We learn from Suidas that Timotheus flourished under Alexander the Great, on whom his music made so powerful an impression that once in the midst of a performance by Timotheus, of an Orthian Nome to Athena, he started from his seat, and seized his arms. (Suid. s. vv. Ἀλέξανδρος, Ὀρθιασμάτων, Τιμόθεος.) We have a suspicion, notwithstanding the opinions of eminent scholars, that this Timotheus has been invented, through a series of confusions, out of the celebrated Milesian musician; but it is impossible in such a work as this to discuss every complicated question of criticism which may present itself.

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