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POLEMONION Pontus, Turkey.

Founded by Polemon I or (less probably) by Polemon II of Pontus in Sidene, a coastal district formerly belonging to Amisos, at the mouth of the Bolaman Irmaği (Sidenus fl.). Polemonion lay at the center of communications of the kingdom of Polemon I, being linked by sea with Pharnakeia and Trapezous and by road with Diospolis. A second inland route, leading to Armenia Minor, may have become important during the reign of Pythodoris, whose possessions included Armenia Minor. After Rome's annexation of the Pontic kingdom in A.D. 64-65 Polemonion ceased to have more than local importance. Only Byzantine remains have been recorded. It had a port 3 km W of the city at Fatsa (Phadissa or Phadisane), where there is an exposed anchorage.


W. J. Hamilton, Researches in Asia Minor, Pontus, and Armenia (1842) I 270.


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