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Scene x. Cap. et seq. Scene xii. Pope, Han. Warb. Johns. Scene xi. Var. '73. The Camp of the Volsci. Pope,+. The Volcian Camp. Cap. The Camp of the Volces. Var. '78, '85. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. i, Knt. The Camp of the Volsces. Coll. et seq.

Sould.; 19. Sol.; 33, 38. Soul.

1. S. Cap. First Sol. Dyce, Cam.+, Coll. iii, Craig. 1. Sol. Mal. et cet.

Volce F2, Cap. Var. '78, '85, Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt. Volcie F3. Volscie F4, Rowe. Volscian Pope,+. Volsce Var. '73 et cet.

I'th' I' the Cap. et seq.

As And F2F3. th'] Huds. Words. the Ff et cet.

True...Sword: (True...Sword) Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. Knt, Sta. Hal.

potche poach Heath (Rev.), Wh. i, Dyce ii, Huds. ii, Words.

diuell devil F3F4.

ſubtle: subtle. Johns. Cam.+, Coll. iii, Huds. ii, Craig, Neils. valors] valor's F3F4. valour Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Johns. Ran. Coll. ii. (MS.), Sing. ii, Dyce ii, Huds. ii, Words. valour's Rowe et cet.

poiſon'd,...him: Ff, Rowe. (poison'd...him) Pope, Theob. Han. Warb. Ran. Coll. ii, Sing. ii, Ktly, Dyce ii, Huds. ii. poison'd...him; Cap. Dyce, Cam.+, Huds. i. poison'd,... him; Mal. et cet.

With Which M. Mason (Comments, 249).

Shall 'T shall Coll. MS. it ſelfe] itself. Coll. Del. Sta. Ktly, Wh. i, Neils.

nor ſleepe...heart Mnemonic Warb.

nor ſleepe not sleep Rowe ii,+.

ſicke; sick. Sta. seek Long MS. (ap. Cam.).

times time F4, Rowe i.

Embarquements Embarkments Rowe, Pope, Theob. Embankments Han. Cap. Huds. ii. Embarrments Warb. Johns. Embalkments Daniel.

of Fury of fancy Warb. conj. (Daily Journal, Apr. 8, 1729).

in's in his Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Varr. Sing. i, Knt, Del. Hal. Ktly.

Cyprus cypress Rowe et seq.

I pray you...thither As one line Knt.

I pray you As separate line Johns. Cap. Varr. Mal. Ran. Steev. Var. '03, '13, Sing. Hal.

City Mils City Mill F4, Rowe i. city-mills Theob. Warb. city walls Wray conj. ap. Cam. city mills Rowe ii. et cet.

ſir. sir. [Exeunt. Rowe et seq.

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