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CRAWFORD Lanarkshire, Scotland.

A small Roman fort on the Clyde about halfway between Castledykes and Tassiesholm. Discovered in 1938 and excavated in 1961-66, it was first occupied in the Agricolan period (ca. A.D. 80-86), and again in the Antonine period (A.D. 142-155), during both of which phases it measured ca. 114.3 by 67.5 m overall (.76 ha). For the third and final occupation, which seems to have succeeded the second almost immediately, the size of the fort was increased to 1.08 ha. At no stage was it large enough to hold more than a vexillation of an auxiliary regiment. In the 2d c. it may have been associated with the fortlet system in upper Annandale and Nithsdale.


Proc. Soc. Ant. Scotland, forthcoming.


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