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Town in Caria, probably at Upper Göl, 13 km NE of Myndos. In the Delian Confederacy the Madnasans paid a tribute of two talents, later reduced to one. The name is not otherwise known, but is undoubtedly identical with the Medmasa (or Medmassa or Medmasos) quoted by Stephanos Byzantios from Hekataios and included by Pliny (HN 5.107) among the Lelegian towns incorporated by Alexander (really by Mausolos) in Halikarnassos. The site at Göl is some 300 by 90 m, with a wall of dry rubble or polygonal masonry; at the highest point is a tower in regular ashlar. Cisterns and numerous house foundations are to be seen, and a few simple rock tombs at the W end. The sherds are mainly of the 5th and early 4th c. B.C. For an alternative site at Burgaz, 4 km N of Myndos, see Uranion.


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