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prō-tĭnus (less properly prō-tĕnus ), adv. tenus,
I.before one's self, forward, farther on, onward.
I. Lit. (rare but class.; “syn.: statim, continuo, actutum): praecepisse, ut pergeret protinus, quid retro atque a tergo fieret, ne laboraret,Cic. Div. 1, 24, 49: ipse capellas Protinus aeger ago, drive along before me, Verg. E. 1, 13: “quā (voce) protinus omne Contremuit nemus,far and wide, id. A. 7, 513.—
II. Transf.
A. Right on, continuously, constantly, uninterruptedly (rare; not in Cic.).
B. Forthwith, immediately, directly, from the very first, instantly, on the spot (class.; “but rare in prose until post-Aug. per.): oratio protinus perficiens auditorem benevolum,at the very outset, Cic. Inv. 1, 15, 20: “hostes protinus ex eo loco ad flumen contenderunt,Caes. B. G. 2, 9: “tu protinus unde Divitias aerisque ruam, dic, augur, acervos,Hor. S. 2, 5, 21.—With a negative: “non protinus,not immediately, Quint. 10, 1, 3.—With ex or ab, immediately or directly after: “ex fugā protinus auxilia discesserunt,Caes. B. G. 5, 17: “protinus ab ipsā curatione,Cels. 7, 26, 5: “a partu,Plin. 20, 21, 84, § 226: “ab adoptione,Vell. 2, 104, 3; cf.: “protinus post cibum,Cels. 7, 26, 26.—With ut, quam, atque, as soon as, as soon as ever; with ut: “protinus ut percussus est aliquis,Cels. 5, 26, 26; Val. Max. 5, 4, 4; Quint. 1, 1, 3.—With quam, Plin. 10, 28, 40, § 75 (al. quā); 15, 17, 18, § 67.—With atque, Sol. 46 fin.—Prov.: “Protinus ad censum, de moribus ultima flet quaestio,Juv. 3, 140.
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