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ACCU´BITUM a couch used for reclining upon at meals, which in the imperial period took the place of the more ancient triclinium. It seems to have held any number of guests, whereas the triclinium only accommodated three. (Schol. ad Juv. 5.17, “apud veteres accubitorum usus non erat ;” Lamprid. Heliog. 19, 25, Casaub. and Salmas. ad loc. C. L. L. 3.4441, “porticum cum accubito . . . restituit ;” Labbaci, Glossa, “accubitum, ἀνακλιντήριον;” Marquardt, Röm. Alterth. vii. p. 298; cf. Lamprid. Alex. Sev. 34, “numerus accubitionum crescebat et multitudo convivarum.” ) The accubitum was lower and more luxurious than the triclinium, and its coverings and pillows were called accubitalia. (Trebell. Poll. Claud. 14.)


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