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ACNA or ACNUA (also spelt agna and agnua) was, according to Varro, the Italian name, but, according to Columella and Isidore, the common Baetican name of the actus quadratus. [ACTUS] An old writer, quoted by Salmasius, says “agnua habet pedes XIIII. cccc,” i. e. 14,400 square feet. It is very doubtful whether the word is connected with the Greek ἄκαινα or ἄκενα, seeing that the measure is so very different, and that it is quite uncertain to what language acna belongs. (Varro, R. R. 1.10.2; Colum. . R. 5.1.5; Schneider, Comment. ad ll. cc.; Isidor. Orig. 15.15; Salmasius, ad Solin. p. 481.)

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