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ACERRA the incense box used in sacrifices. (Hor. Carm. 3.8.2; Verg. A. 5.745) The

Acerra, Incense Box.

incense was taken out of the acerra and let fall upon the burning altar: hence we have the expression de acerra libare. (Ov. ex Pont. 4.8, 39; Pers. 2.5.) It was distinct from the turibulum or censer in which incense was burnt ; and was the more common mode of offering incense. [TURIBULUM] The acerra represented above is taken from a frieze in the museum of the Capitol. Another figure, from a bas-relief at Rome (ap. Daremberg and Saglio, s. v.), illustrates the mode of using it. The acerra was also, according to Festus (s. v.), a small altar, placed before the dead, on which perfumes were burnt. There was a sumptuary law in the Twelve Tables which restricted the use of acerrae at funerals. (Cic. de Leg. ii. 24, 60.) [J.Y] [W.W]

Servant carrying the Acerra.

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