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NODUS in a special sense, was applied to the following parts of dress:--1. The knot used in tying on the scarf [CHLAMYS] or other article constituting the AMICTUS This was often effected by the aid of a brooch [FIBULA], a ring, or some jewel (Verg. A. 1.320, 6.301, 11.776; Claud. de Rapt. Pros. 2.40); but frequently in the method shown in the woodcut of Diana, Vol. I. p. 416. 2. The knot of hair (κόρυμβος, κρωβύλος), either at the top or at the back of the head, adopted by both sexes in fastening their long hair, which was turned upwards or backwards for the purpose ( “crine rursus adducto revocare nodo,” Sen. Oedip. ii.; Verg. A. 4.138; Hor. Epod. 11.28). Examples may be seen in the woodcuts under COMA 3. The knot of leather worn by boys of the poorer classes at Rome instead of the golden BULLA


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