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PASTILLUS, PASTILLUM, strictly a small round cake of fine meal (Plin. Nat. 18.102), used in sacrificial offerings (Fest. p. 250). Festus (p. 222) takes it to be a diminutive of panis. For the making of these there was a guild of pastillarii (C. I. L. 6.9765, 9766). In the masculine form the word was used for small round lozenges (τροχίσχοι), compounded from herbs or fruits, and used for medicines (Plin. Nat. 20.3) or sweetmeats (Id. 12.131); and especially scented lozenges of aromatic herbs, eaten to make the breath sweet. (Hor. Sat. 1.2, 27; 1.4, 92;--Mart. 1.87; Becker-Göll, Gallus, 3.367; Blümner, Technologie, 1.86.)


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