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APERLAE (Ἄπερλαι: Eth. Ἀπερλείτης), a place in Lycia, fixed by the Stadiasmus 60 stadia west of Somena, and 64 stadia west of Andriace. Leake (Asia Minor, p. 188) supposes Somena to be the Simena of Pliny (5.27). Aperlae, which is written in the text of Ptolemy “Aperrae,” and in Pliny “Apyrae,” is proved to be a genuine name by an inscription found by Cockerell, at the head of Hassar bay, with the Ethnic name Ἀπερλειτων on it. But there are also coins of Gordian with the Ethnic name Ἀπερραιτων. The confusion between the l and the r in the name of an insignificant place is nothing remarkable.


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