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ACESINES (Ἀκεσίνης: Chenab: Dionysius Periegetes, 5.1138, makes the i long, if any choose to consider this an authority), the chief of the five great tributaries of the Indus, which give the name of Panjab (i. e. Five Waters) to the great plain of NW. India. These rivers are described, in their connection with each other, under INDIA The Acesines was the second of them, reckoning from the W., and, after receiving the waters of all the rest, retained its name to its junction with the Indus, in lat. 28° 55′ N., long. 70° 28′ E. Its Sanscrit name was Chandrabhaga, which would have been Hellenized into Σανδροφάγος, a word so like to Ἀνδροφάγος, or Ἀλεξανδροφάγος, that the followers of Alexander changed the name to avoid the evil omen, the more so perhaps on account of the disaster which befell the Macedonian fleet at the turbulent junction of the river with the Hydaspes (Ritter, Erdkunde von Asien, vol. iv. pt. i. p. 456: for other references see INDIA)


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