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Eth. ITUCCI (Plin. Nat. 3.1. s. 3), or ITUCI (Coins; Ἰτύκη, Appian, App. Hisp. 66, 68), a city in the W. of Hispania Baetica. Under the Romans, it was a colonia immunis, with the surname VIRTUS JULIA, and it belonged to the conventus of Hispalis. Its probable site, in the opinion of Ukert, was between Martos and Espejo, near Valenzuela. (Ukert, vol. ii. pt. 1. p. 369; Coins, ap. Florez, Med. de Esp. vol. ii. p. 487; Mionnet, vol. i. p. 18, Suppl. vol. i. p. 32; Sestini, p. 63; Eckhel, vol. i. p. 24.)


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