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Philo'theus COCCINUS

2. COCCINUS, patriarch of CONSTANTINOPLE, a man of great and deserved renown. He was probably born in the beginning of the 14th century, and early took the monastic habit. After living for a considerable time as a monk in, and afterwards superior of, the convent of St. Laura on Mount Sinai, he was appointed archbishop of Heracleia (before 1354). In 1355 he was employed by the emperor John Cantacuzenus, in bringing about a reconciliation between Michael, the son, and John Palaeologus, the son-in-law of the emperor; and in the same year he was chosen patriarch of Constantinople, in the place of Callistus, who, however, recovered his see after John Palaeologus had taken possession of Constantinople. Callistus, however, died soon afterwards, and now Philotheus was once more placed on the patriarchal chair, which post he occupied with great dignity till 1371 according to Cave, or 1376 according to the Chronologia reformata of J. B. Riccioli quoted by Fabricius.


Wharton in Cave and Fabricius give a catalogue of the numerous works of Philotheus.

We give below the titles of the most important of the numerous works of Philotheus, very few of which have been published.



printed in Latin in the 26th vol. of Bibl. Pat. Max.


a defence of his friend the celebrated Palama, extant in different libraries.



Latin Editions

Latin, in the 26th vol. of Bibl. Pat. Max.

Greek Editions

Gr. and Lat., by Jac. Pontanus, together with Philippi Solitarii Dioptra, Ingolstadt, 1604, 8vo.; by Fronto Ducaeus, in the 2d vol. of Auctuar. Patr. Paris, 1624.



Gr. and Lat. apud Gretser. De Cruce, Ingolstadt, 1616, fol., vol. ii. ]; there is another Oratio de Cruce, in the same volume, which is attributed by some to our Philotheus.


Gr. and Lat. ibid.



Gr. and Lat. apud Leunclav. Jus. Gr. Rom. lib. iv.


extant in MS.



&c. &c.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xi. p. 513, &c.; Cave, Hist. Lit. ad an. 1362.

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