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*Filo/cenos) an Aegyptian surgeon, who, according to Celsus (De ledic. vii. Praef. p. 137), wrote several valuable volumes on surgery. He is no doubt the same person whose medical formulae are frequently quoted by Galen, and who is called by him Claudius Philoxrenus. (De Compos. Medical. sec. Gen. 2.17, 3.9, vol. xiii. pp. 539, 645.) As he is quoted by Asclepiades Pharmacion (ap. Gal. De Compos. Medlicam. sec. Loc. 4.7, vol. xii. p. 731; De Coompos. Medicam. sec. Gen. 3.9, 4.13, vol. xiii. pp. 545, 738), he must have lived in or before the first century after Christ. He is quoted also by Soranus (De Arte Olstetr. p. 136), Paulus Aegineta (De Med. 3.32, 7.11, pp. 453, 658), Aetius (2.3. 77, 4.3. 7, 4.4. 43, pp. 331, 744. 800), and Nicolaus Myrepsus (De Compos. Mledicam. 1.239, 240, p. 411), and also by Avicenna (Canon, 5.2. 2, vol. ii. p. 249, ed. Arab.), where the name is corrupted into Filodesifis in the old Latin version (vol. ii. p. 319, ed. 1595), and into Phylocasanes by Sontheimer in his recent German translation (Zusammengesetzte Heilmittel der Araber, &c. p. 215).


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