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*Filte/as), of Calacte, an historical writer, the author of a work in the Ionic dialect, entitled Ναξιακά, of which the third book is quoted by Tzetzes (Schol. ad Lycophr. 633). He is also mentioned in a passage of Eustathius (ad Hom. p. 1885. 51), where, however, the name is corrupted into Philetas, and Eudocia, copying the error, places the Ναξλακά among the works of Philetas of Cos (Violar. p. 424). That Philteas is the true form of the name is clear from a passage in the Etynologicum Mcla num (p. 795. 12), which, however, contains another error, in the words καλούμενος ἱστορικός, where the Cod. Leid. has κολούλαβαῖος, ἱστορικός, and the true reading is no doubt Καλακταῖος, which should probably also be substituted for είτε Καλλῖνος in the passage of Eustathius (see Meineke, Anal. Alex. pp. 351-353).


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