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2. The other Philoxenus already referred to, the Leucadian, was the son of Eryxis and seems himself also to have had a son of the name of Philoxenus Eryxis (Aristoph. Frogs 945). He was a most notorious parasite, glutton, and effeminate debauchee; but he seems also to have had great wit and goodhumour, which made him a great favourite at the tables which he frequented. The events of his life are of so little importance in themselves, and the statements concerning him are so mixed up with those which relate to Philoxenus of Cythera, that it is enough to refer for further information to the works upon that poet, quoted above, especially Schmidt (p. 9, &c.). He seems to be the same person as the Philoxenus surnamed Πτερνοκοπίς, and also the same as the Philoxenus of the Diomeian demus, both of whom are ridiculed by the coniic poets for their effeminacy.

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