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LACTORA (Lectoure) Gers, France.

The town of Lactora was first part of the province of Aquitaine, then of Novempopulania. It was the capital of the civitas of the Lactorates and one of the high places of the cult of Cybele. Recent investigations, outside the original oppidum, have led to the following discoveries: 1) On the Lamarque plateau there are a series of funerary pits of the 1st c. B.C. 2) In the district of Pradoulin a dwelling which was devastated by the invasions and troubles of the 3d c. has produced three hoards of coins buried under Aurelian and Probus. In the 4th c. it was covered by a group of workshops where potters produced a rather rough red ware decorated with appliqué. 3) In the same district an inhumation necropolis of the Late Empire has produced, among others, an adorned sarcophagus of the School of Aquitaine. 4) At La Payroulère there is a barbarian necropolis of late date.


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For reports on recent excavations see M. Labrousse in Gallia 5 (1947) 476-77 & figs. 10-11; 7 (1949) 138; 24 (1966) 433-35 & figs. 23-26; 26 (1968) 540-43 & figs. 27-29; 28 (1970) 418.


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