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prorsus (collat. form prōsus , Plaut. Trin. 3, 3, 2; Enn. ap. Non. 165, 11; Trag. Rel. p. 28 Rib.; but p. 107 Vahl. reads prorsus), adv. for pro-versus.
I. Forwards (ante-class.): “non prorsus, verum transvorsus cedit, quasi cancer solet,Plaut. Ps. 4, 1, 45.—
II. Straight on, right onwards, directly (ante- and post-class.), Cato ap. Fest. p. 234 Müll.: “tunc Arionem prorsus ex eo loco Corinthum petivisse,Gell. 16, 19, 17.—
B. Trop.
2. Exactly, just, precisely: “set ea prorsus opportuna Catilinae,Sall. C. 16, 5; Varr. L. L. 6, § 16 dub.; “v. Müll. ad h. l.: prorsus quasi,precisely as if, Just. 1, 7, 16.—
3. After an enumeration of particulars, in short, in fine, in a word: igitur colos exsanguis, foedi oculi: citus modo, modo tardus incessus; “prorsus in facie vultuque vecordia inerat,Sall. C. 15, 5; 25, 5; id. J. 23, 1; 30, 3 al.
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