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Τρίπολις). Properly the name of a confederacy composed of three cities, or a district containing three cities; but it is also applied to single cities which had some such relation to others as to make the name appropriate.


Now Kash Yeniji; a city on the Maeander, twelve miles west of Hierapolis, on the borders of Phrygia, Caria, and Lydia, to each of which it is assigned by different authorities.


Now Tireboli; a fortress on the coast of Pontus, on a river of the same name (Tireboli Su), ninety stadia east of the promontory Zephyrium (C. Zefreh).


Now Tripoli, Tarabulus; on the coast of Phœnicia, consisted of three distinct cities, one stadium (600 feet) apart, each having its own walls, but all united in a common constitution, having one place of assembly, and forming in reality one city. They were colonies of Tyre, Sidon, and Aradus respectively.


The district on the northern coast of Africa between the two Syrtes, comprising the three cities of Sabrata (or Abrotonum), Oea, and Leptis Magna, and also called Tripolitāna Regio. See Syrtica.

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