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ANDRAPODISMOU GRAPHE (ἀνδραποδισμοῦ γραφή), a public prosecution against two distinct offences. 1. Kidnapping or enslaving a free person (for which also an ἐλευηεροπρασίου δίκη is mentioned by Pollux, but not elsewhere). 2. Stealing slaves from their lawful owners. The crime of the ἀνδραποδιστὴς was capital both at Athens and in Greece generally (Xen. Memor. 1.2.62; Apol. Socr. § 25; Demosth. Phil. i. p. 53.47); and he might be summarily brought before the Eleven by ἀπαγωγή (Isocr. Antid. § 96; Meier, Att. Process, p. 229, note). For the feeling of the Greeks on this class of offences, compare Plato, Leg. 9.869 A, 12.955 A; Lys. c. Theomn. 1.10.


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